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How I spent time during Qt Developer Days in Berlin

Sup, journal.

Just a note: Mostly I am writing posts in russian ('cos most of people who actually read me speak russian), but this post is about being international, so, so, so.

A few days ago I was lucky enough to attend "Premier Event of The Year"... Qt... Developer... Days!!1 In this report I'd like to express how was it and why is it great to visit such a conference. Who doesn't wanna read the whole report: organisation was excellent, we missed Thiago this year and Cafe Moskau.

Day 1. Trainings

Firstly, when you arrive to Cafe Moskau, which located just in the downtown of Berlin you would get a badge and a goodie pack with guides, bucklets, some KDAB stuff, 2 free drinks tickets and a voting form (about it later). I am KDE volunteer, that's why I should have done some job in cloakroom. Basically, it was something like getting clothes and hanging it on the hook. Amazing work, but that's not essential.

What is training? There are 5 (could be 6, I am not sure abt it) different traineys. You choose one, that fits more up to you and sit in corresponding room the whole day. Sure, it's possible to jump between trainings, but it's a bad idea, at least because they are sequental. So, you can miss a lot of pretty nice stuff. Actually, in each auditory there are lots of tables and you can put your laptop there and it's possible (even a good practice) to do some coding during training.

I chose the one which I am the worst at. I chose "Advanced OpenGL with Qt 5". Why? I really wanna create a 2d videogame with Qt and all that old opengl stuff can't be a suitable solution for me. I thought that this one is the best opportunity to start all that "shader-based" things. (Spoiler: I am working on one now :D)

It was incredible. Sean and James are great guys and their speech was enough light for me to get it almost 100%. Thank you, that was an amazing experience and source given is extremely helpful, I'd say.

Day 2. Sessions & Keynotes

The day started with opening keynote in the building of "Kino International" by Kalle Dalheimer. Then Tommi Laitinen, Digia SVP was talking a bit about how Qt is "breaking down". Kevin Franklin replaced him with a Qt Insights statistics. (British people are cool!). I even got a Qt Insights badge just yesterday. Then, there was Lars Knoll. As usually, he was talking a lot about what we did this year and what we are going to do forwarding year. By the way, Qt releases are time-based now (each 6-7 months minor version incremented). Dan Dodge told, how Qt is important for QNX and what is Q Unix (tricky you, Dan) is about. Amazing speech, fun jokes.

Then there are some sessions. Rooms full of chairs (tables removed), people are listening to speaker and making notes. Again, there are 5 different streams, so you can't be in 2 places at the same time. I was on "Qt for Android", "3D OpenGL scenes with QML under Qt 5", "Qt for iOS". Each talk I chose was awesome, informative and really helpful.


Here is one essential thing about devdays. I am talking about exhibition area. Sponsors (KDAB, Digia, ICS, KDE and others) had some stands on the second floor. I spent most time around KDE one, talking with some e.V. people, like John. Pity that David haven't arrived this year, it could be great :(. Actually, afaiu, all these amazing stands are just showing off. Each company wanna show that they are better and their technologies/products are more innovative/etc. Funny thing is KDE does more stuff than all these companies taken together but we had the smallest stand (no one cares, that we are non-profit organisation, so we couldn't have better).

Anyway, I found some bugs in ICS and Digia applications :P (saying hello to Denis and the whole Digia team). Ubuntu (Canonical?) stand was kinda interesting, maybe at least because I tried Ubuntu Touch (or how this OS called?) on Nexus 4. People there are really nice and doing a lot of amazing applications with QML.

Day 3. Sessions

This report will be too big if I leave feedback about all sessions too. So, it was just a regular sessions' day + some additional events. Niceeee! I left at 5 PM, so missed cool parties, etc.


In this chapter I'd like to leave some specific notes about talks and training I attended. Let me start from the training called "Advanced OpenGL with Qt 5". Speakers are: Sean Harmer & James Turner (both from KDAB). It was super nice, specially for me, because I am not so good at OpenGL. The only one problem, which I thought that would be better to spend more time on GLSL. Actually, GLSL is not a trivial thing, we don't have even good guides with working and well-commented examples. If they showed us how to do all that shader magic, like in real life...

Then I attended almost all "platforming" and some "qml" talks. Bogdan's "Qt on Android" was really nice, after it I even managed to create working Android application I was trying to build maybe 3-4 weeks. Richard's "Qt on iOS" was nice too. No idea how, but I lost that news, about working Qt Quick 2 on this platform. Anyway, embedding Objective-C code, all that states, accelerometer stuff, etc is incredible.

Generally, all QML talks I attended were quite good, but I am newbie at this UI field, so smth was unobvious. Keynotes were also impressive + jokes.
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